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Design & Engineering Services

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New construction in the State of Florida presents unique challenges including: designing for the eventual hurricane, engineering for wave action and scour in velocity zones, compensating for flood waters in high hazard areas, and accounting for the high wind regions that dominate the entire state, just to name a few. A structural engineering firm with the background knowledge and experience working with the Florida Building Code and local/regional ordinances will help navigate the requirements for building construction. We provide these and many other services here in Florida and I hope that you consider using us for your next project.


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Westwater Model by CADDesign LLC & Carotti Engineering LLC

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The foundation of our business is our industry-friendly attitude with quick turnaround times at competitive rates. Our clients appreciate that they can speak directly to an engineer in a timely manner, set up same or next day site visits if needed, and have their projects completed quickly. In addition, we are able to schedule appointments and site visits in the early morning, evenings, and on weekends to meet your needs.

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Remodels and Renovations

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Real Estate Consulting Services

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Specialty Services

Construction Observation
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We have extensive experience in residential and commercial additions/renovations. We can help you design your project from start to finish or we can provide just structural drawings and details that fit with your overall goals. Our projects range from simple single-story additions to multi-story custom renovations to complex commercial build outs. We offer competitive pricing for all your design needs to help you make your dream a reality.

Remodels and renovations provide unique structural engineering challenges; no two projects are alike! Existing conditions create special situations in which to merge old with new without compromising the overall integrity and safety of the structure. There is no “One-Size-Fits-All” solution to renovations and remodels, each one requires an amount of thinking outside of the box! Most interesting are historical restoration and preservation projects. Change of occupancy requests by the owner and code requirements by the state often necessitate using innovative materials and novel approaches to existing structural systems.

Remodels and Renovations

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Structural failures occur for many reasons. Causes range from natural disasters such as hurricane damage, to heavy winds, fire or flooding. Other causes may include poor materials or construction errors, insufficient maintenance, or any number of age-related reasons. Our Structural Damage Assessment is based on a limited visual, non-destructive evaluation of the site conditions.

Why do I need a damage assessment?

Real Estate Consulting Services

This report provides you with specialized knowledge regarding your specific conditions thus allowing you to make more informed decisions. It is essential that a probable cause for failure be determined before a proper forensic report or a lasting repair can be made.

This report can also be a useful tool in real estate transactions, contractor negotiations, insurance company claims, and determining a proper cause of action.

Real Estate Consulting Services



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Municipal building inspectors are checking for Florida Building Code and local ordinance compliance only. Having your project observed by an informed third party helps insure a better finished product and reduces the likelihood of needing repairs down the road from construction defects.

Real Estate Consulting Services

Specific Designs
From retaining walls to signs, to metal trusses and pre-engineered metal building foundations, Carotti Engineering can help you with your site-specific engineering requirements for all your general construction projects.

Real Estate Consulting Services

Consulting and Expert Opinions
Carotti Engineering also provides fact witness and expert testimony services on a wide range of structural engineering topics. We can review and provide opinion reports on structural engineering work. We provide clear and practical advice for individuals, contractors, and companies on a variety of projects, new or existing.

Consulting and Expert Opinions


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