Structural Engineering

Residential and Commercial


Analysis and Design

New Construction
We handle both Residential and Commercial Properties, including those within flood prone areas and wind borne debris regions.

Remodels and Renovations

Existing Buildings
We service all types of structures ranging from agricultural to residential to historical retrofits.

Real Estate Consulting Services

First in the Suncoast
Structural Damage Assessments to Realtors, Home and Business Owners in the area. We help shed light on observed distress to properties involved in Real Estate Transactions.

Specialty Services

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We also provide construction observation services and specific consulting services for a wide range of elements including Foundations, Trusses, Pilings, Retaining Walls, Pre-Engineered Metal buildings, etc.

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Our Clients Are Our Priority Period!

Within engineering principles and ethics, we place our clients first. Our aim is to provide fast,friendly and affordable service while exceeding your project goals.


Over 15 Years of Experience

Dedicated to ongoing education to help service you better

Continually reviewing the ever changing state and local codes, national standards and specifications, and material research and improvements.


How we
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Inventive Solutions For Customized Project Needs!

Special conditions warrant unique solutions, where the combination of materials or the use of products in an innovative manner is the key to success!