Structural Engineering Residential and Commercial

Ren Shawn Ambroseis my structural engineer. He is my professional counselor when it comes to the legalities of what we do and any kind of code updates. He keeps me abreast of those types of things. I have worked with other structural engineers. Ren is by far the easiest and most seamless that I have ever worked with. That is why I specifically choose to work with Carotti Engineering on all of my projects. I tell all of my clients, ‘Where I go, my structural engineer comes with me.’ It’s kind of like a doctor who has a surgical assistant who just absolutely knows what his next move is going to be, and he has that instrument right there just waiting and the doctor doesn’t even have to ask for it when he’s in the surgery. It’s the same deal. We work that easily together.

Shawn Ambrose– Award winning residential designer and owner of CADDesign LLC (