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"Carotti Engineering has been instrumental during several real estate transactions when damage to a property was discovered. They've helped my buyers and sellers make informed decisions and determine their best course of action. Their detailed reports have been used for getting comparable contractor bids, informing insurance companies and making real estate decisions. I recommend them to existing owners who have issues or who want to renovate their home or office"

Peggy Christ, Realtor and Broker of BEE Green Realty LLC

Rebecca Dalton Print
"Thank you Carotti Engineering for finalizing the home addition plans by Dreamcatchers, LLC. I appreciate the quick turn around on the plans for my renovation project and am happy to report the project is now complete and everyone is moved in and settled in nicely. I appreciate your professionalism and high level customer service."

Rebecca Dalton, Lakewood Ranch

"I am writing this to endorse Renato Carotti of Carotti Engineering. I am a building contractor that had plans approved by the county to rebuild a condo unit following a fire. Permits were approved and the rebuild was complete when the Building Inspector failed me on the Final Inspection. Everything was built according to the approved plans, but since the fire code changed after getting my permit, the inspector would not approve my Final Inspection. I needed an engineer to write new plans for the structure and we had to change our construction to conform to the new code. The first engineer I paid to go out and look at it gave me two options. Both required a complete tear out and start over. I called Renato Carotti and he drew up plans to make minor changes to conform to the new codes and the Inspector passed the Final. It is nice to know somebody is willing to think outside the box. Thank you Renato, you saved me money and my customer the inconvenience of doing the project all over again."

Larry Hibbs, Owner, Building Contractor, Servpro of Bradenton

Shawn Ambrose
Ren is my structural engineer. He is my professional counselor when it comes to the legalities of what we do and any kind of code updates. He keeps me abreast of those types of things. I have worked with other structural engineers. Ren is by far the easiest and most seamless that I have ever worked with. That is why I specifically choose to work with Carotti Engineering on all of my projects. I tell all of my clients, ‘Where I go, my structural engineer comes with me.’ It’s kind of like a doctor who has a surgical assistant who just absolutely knows what his next move is going to be, and he has that instrument right there just waiting and the doctor doesn’t even have to ask for it when he’s in the surgery. It’s the same deal. We work that easily together.

Shawn Ambrose– Award winning residential designer and owner of CADDesign LLC

We had Carotti Engineering come out to examine stucco cracks on the outside and moisture damage on the inside of my home. They were able to pinpoint the cause of the moisture damage and gave us a general idea of how to fix this and the stucco cracks. The engineer did not leave until all of our questions were answered satisfactorily. We wanted to get an independent opinion from a structural engineer before potentially submitting a claim to our insurance company. We don’t trust insurance company personnel and who knows if calling them first might affect our insurance rates! Thank you Carotti Engineering for your invaluable help and making a stressful situation, well, less stressful!

Jennifer B, Home owner, Manatee County, FL